The international community in Scotland to further the empowerment and inclusion of disabled people


The United Kingdom is a global pioneer in fostering equality and diversity in all aspects of society.

Throughout history, successive administrations have sought to close gaps in inequality, ensuring that we are a country where everyone may succeed.

We have led the way in addressing prejudice by enshrining disabled people’s rights in law through the Equality Act, ensuring that barriers to increased independence, such as a lack of employment possibilities and a lack of education, are becoming increasingly obsolete.

This year, legislators, civil officials, and senior executives from throughout the public sector in the United Kingdom have an exciting opportunity to impact the international debate on social inclusion and other issues affecting the disabled.

RI is a global network that promotes the rights and inclusion of individuals with disabilities and health issues. It was founded in 1922. It comprises organisations from all over the world as members.

RI is a well-known international organisation that is one of the most effective tools for raising awareness and improving the lives of persons with disabilities. In 1969, it designed the International Symbol of Access.

The United Nations continues to support the International Symbol of Access, which is now the widely recognised manner of recognising an accessible facility. It is also regarded to be one of the world’s five most recognisable emblems today.

Every four years, the RI World Congress is held, and this year it will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, thanks to the Shaw Trust. Shaw Trust is a national nonprofit that works to improve employment, disabilities, learning, and skills. The Duke of Edinburgh opened the inaugural RI World Congress in 1956, and this will be the second. I’m also thrilled to report that Princess Royal has agreed to be our Patron and that the First Minister of Scotland has also agreed to sponsor the event.

At the event, 58 countries will be represented. Senior officials and ministers from several countries, including China and India, will be in attendance to participate in this historic global event. At this year’s World Congress, Zhang Haidi, President of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, will be named to lead Rehabilitation International.

There will be a variety of multinational companies showing, as well as representatives from the UN, World Bank, and World Health Organization.

The World Congress offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strengthen an international movement dedicated to removing socioeconomic barriers that prohibit disabled people from living more independent lives. This event comes at a perfect time because this year marks the tenth anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which will focus attention on what more can be done to ensure greater inclusion around the world.

The congress’ principal topic is inclusion, with the primary goal of getting 1,000 participants from 58 nations to sign up for specific voluntary acts in their home countries to aid individuals with disabilities.

The first day of the World Congress will be devoted to employment, education, and skills development. The topics of independent living and worldwide development will be discussed over the next two days.

More information on the World Congress, as well as the full agenda for the event, may be found here.

It’s fantastic news that Edinburgh is leading positive international action to create a world where people of all abilities and backgrounds can realise their dreams.

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