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One month ago, thousands came together to take part in Parallel London’s push/run challenges and free family festival in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, just days before the Rio Paralympic Games.

  • Rebecca Farren

    This is interesting! The ones with hand sensors are often less accessible for me, because I have enough fine motor skills to turn a tap on and off, but the sensors on hands free ones are often quite high so you have to hold your hand right underneath the tap for it to work, and I find it quite difficult to hold my hands up at that level for more than a few seconds. I would usually hold them further down or rest them against the sink. Also the soap dispensers where you have to wave at the sensor with one hand and then hold the other one under the dispenser is like having to pat your head and rub your tummy for me! I’m really happy that this made the bathroom more accessible for you, but it just shows how carefully things have to be considered to make them accessible for everyone!

    • nhshater

      And my partner usually can’t get his wheelchair under sinks in disabled toilets and hotel rooms because they’re too low!