Do Universities Make the Grade for Disabled Students?

University can be a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, find out what you really want to do with your life and be yourself. They can also be a reasonable adjustments nightmare. Though many universities have excellent support services available, the paperwork can seem endless and as the start date approaches, it’s a race against time to

Hand Detecting Sink!

Many disabled people can find it difficult to wash their hands at public toilets or even at home. Most sinks are too high and even if the disabled person can reach the sink there can be a struggle to turn the taps on. Therefore you can imagine my joy when I took my niece and nephew to the toilet at

Flagship Changing Place Will Not Be Closed

In a follow up to two articles previously published on Disability United, Accessible Toilet at Risk of Being Flushed Away in Council Cutbacks & Council Silent on At Risk Changing Places Unit with regards to a Changing Place situated within a funding-threatened local authority play facility, we have now been provided with a response from a council officer. Assistant Head

A Ramp? In This Street?

One article from around the web recently prompted our social media followers to new levels of emoji uses: planning permission being denied for a ramp to a block of flats on purely aesthetic grounds. Read the story here: True, not all ramps are beautiful. They are generally, to quote “Lady Bracknell” of BBC Ouch, “sort of grey and hard

Petition to Demand Trains Provide Assistance

A petition has been launched on to demand the end of driver only operated trains which may discriminate against disabled passengers. The removal of guards and conductors from trains in some areas has angered disabled people, many of whom are finding that assistance to board and disembark from the train frequently fails to appear, even when assistance is booked

I Complained Against Atos and Won

Not so long ago, I received the dreaded brown DWP envelope. Fully expecting yet more bad news, I tore open the envelope ready to rip up the letter and fling it in the bin. The letter informed me that in light of my second complaint against my second assessment together with new medical evidence, the DWP was now awarding me

A New Type of Political Activism

I have been involved as a campaigner in almost every General Election since 1974. But this campaign has been different. It has left the country in a state of great unease. The minority Tory government is still in fractious talks with the DUP, an arrangement that I believe is doomed to failure. One of the differences in the recent election

Council Silent on At Risk Changing Places Unit

As I wrote earlier this year, a pioneering Changing Places toilet was at risk of being flushed away in council cutbacks. Following feedback received as a result of this article, I contacted departmental management from within Kirklees Council with the following questions: Firstly, are you able to provide a statement on the future of the flagship Changing Places provision within

And the nation voted for…

… the Conservative Party. What does this mean for disabled people? In our Q&A, the Conservatives promised to: – strike a new deal with councils and housing associations- giving them funding, support and new powers to build a new generation of homes for social rent – get one million more people with disabilities into work over the next ten years

Thursday: Your Vote, Your Decision

As you may have noticed, there’s a General Election on Thursday. Some of you may have already sent in a postal vote, but for everyone heading down to their local polling station, we’ve produced this handy trouble-shooter. I don’t know who to vote for Take a look at our Q&As with Labour, the Lib Dems, the Conservatives and the Green