School Transport Must Try Harder

Changes to councils’ transport policies are having an increasing effect on children trying to get to school, according to a report released by the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO). The Ombudsman is upholding more complaints from parents and carers who need to find alternative ways to get their children to school when councils change their policies, or the way they apply

Wheelchair Users Welcome Aboard, Just Put It With the Rest of the Luggage

I recently enquired to travel with Just Go Holidays. This is a service which provides coach trips around the country, taking away the hassle of having to drive yourself, and it’s relatively cheap. Their brochure states clearly that wheelchair users have to negotiate the steps of the vehicle and have to see to the own wheelchair being stored etc. I

The Case for More Inclusive Research in Sweden and Beyond

In Sweden, recently several important issues in the disability area have been highlighted in media. Examples of such issues are municipalities failing to provide care for disabled people (Radio Sweden, 2011). Recently, the media reported on the protests against cutbacks in care; “Swedes protest cutbacks in personal assistance budget” (TT/The Local, 2016). A new report from the National Board of

Digging Deep on the Disability Employment Gap

Last month, Muscular Dystrophy UK held a roundtable meeting in Parliament on the disability employment gap which brought together the Department of Work and Pensions, employers and young disabled people to share experiences and have a say on the Government’s proposals. (You can read MDUK’s briefing here and to find out more about the Green Paper click here.) When I

Assessment Survival 101

Social care assessments, benefit assessments, equipment assessments, adaptations assessments… if you need it, you’ll be assessed for it. This can be a long, boring and stressful process, as the paperwork can be unnecessarily complicated and the outcome is important to you. Simon Stevens takes us through his top survival tips. What is an assessment? An assessment is a written or

What did the Gov say to the UN?

No, this isn’t a joke but a real question. The report from the United Nations into the UK’s compliance with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities heavily criticised welfare reforms and the closure of the Independent Living Fund. The government respond that much of the evidence was outdated and not relevant. Unfortunately, the UN have not published

Continuing Healthcare Cost Capping Calamity – the Saga Continues

2017 was never going to be a quiet year, but the response to January’s article, NHS Staff Can Decide Where Disabled People Live, Even Against Their Choice, was like nothing we’d dreamed of… Recap: Analysis of responses to Freedom of Information requests made to 212 Clinical Commissioning Groups found that it was worryingly common for disabled people receiving day to

Carers are a Rare Sighting in the Countryside

We’ve all heard of the “postcode lottery” when it comes to health service provision, but until I moved house in November 2015, I had no idea that moving just seven miles down the road would create such huge problems in arranging personal care. Since 2008, I’ve used Direct Payments from social services to pay for personal care from local agencies

Unreasonable Accommodation

I am 50, diagnosed with Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT) in 1992. The condition affects my peripheral nerves, leading to muscular atrophy, chronic fatigue, and a lack of sensation from my fingers to my elbows and from my toes to just above my knees. August 2010 – the posterior cruciate ligaments in my left knee ruptured. Because of the weakness

Cataract Surgery Postcode Lottery

Cataracts are a clouding of the lens, a part of the eye that lies just behind the coloured iris. Relatively common over the age pf 65, cataracts also occur in younger people as a result of trauma to the eye or as a side effect of other visual conditions such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, Macular Oedema or Myopia. I developed cataracts