Where Can Unpaid Carers Find Support?

An unpaid carer is someone who provides essential care and support to a family member, friend or neighbour. It is estimated that there are 6.5 million unpaid carers in this country. That is a huge figure – equivalent to 1 in 8 adults – and the vital role of unpaid carers should not be overlooked. For some, caring is a

How to Make Transport Accessible? We need your help!

The government has launched a Draft Transport Accessibility Action Plan, and wants to know what you think. The Draft Transport Accessibility Action Plan can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/draft-transport-accessibility-action-plan Responses need to be in by 15 November 2017, and we want you to help us put together a response. Your experience and ideas could be the key to making trains, plans,

Supporters Show Care Act Appeal Matters

Last February, the High Court found that Oxfordshire County Council was not in breach of the Care Act 2014 when it cut his care package by almost a half, despite Luke highlighting that this could present risks to his mental health. Last week, an appeal was brought by Luke Davey. Supporters gathered outside the courts and closely followed all proceedings

Equal Before the Law?

I am Dr Alan M. Blacker, I used to be a solicitor advocate, which for those unfamiliar with the title, I previously had all the powers of a solicitor which was my underlying qualification and I had done the extra advocacy training to appear in the senior courts like a barrister. I started a charity in 2000 to help people

Too Few Hotels in the UK Have Hoists

I think I caught the travel bug quite a while ago. But when I was travelling with my family including my dad who would just throw wherever was needed it was easy. Now, I live independently and so travel with PAs (or more recently my boyfriend). I’m constantly on the hunt for places I can go and it’s tricky because

Don’t be Bitten by Loan Sharks!

Question: I am a disabled lady who lives alone. I don’t receive much Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and sometimes struggle to get by. My son told me about a man he works with called Gary that does cash loans for friends of friends. I decided to borrow £550 from Gary to buy a new electric bed. He came round my

Be a High Street Hero This September

In a fresh bid to raise awareness and tackle alarmingly high rates of assistance dog refusals, the charity Guide Dogs is launching its ‘High Street Heroes Week’ this September. The event will run from 4th until the 10th September and campaigners across the country will visit local businesses promoting the access rights of assistance dogs and their owners. Since the

Free the Emergency Cords!

If you’ve ever used an accessible toilet and caught sight of an unruly emergency cord, one that’s been mistreated, tangled up or cut short, you might be in need of a Red Cord Card. After reading thousands of disabled access reviews on Euan’s Guide, we spotted the one thing that was being brought up again and again: too many people

Agency Care Staff Deserve Minimum Wage

A lot of people with a Direct Payment or Personal Budget employ their PAs directly, and I know a lot of people who this works really well for. But I always worry that I’d struggle to find someone to fill in when people are unwell or on holiday, and my health and energy can be unreliable so I worry that

1 in 4 Councils Won’t Act on Taxi Discrimination Law

A new law requiring taxi drivers not to discriminate against wheelchair users came into force on 6th April 2017. Taxi drivers face £1,000 fines for refusing to take or help wheelchair users, or if they charge wheelchair users more. But the new law only takes effect if the local council has created a “designated list” of wheelchair accessible taxis. Accessible