Why We All Need to Tackle Disability Hate Crime Together in the Brexit Era

In the wake of the EU referendum there have been increases in hate crimes across the UK, particularly racial and religious hate crime. Yet one of the most misunderstood and neglected types of hate crimes is that against disabled people, and the current uncertain political climate means that there is a pressing need to change how we deal with disability

Ticket to Ride? Well, Yes!

On January 18th wheelchair user Doug Paulley saw the end of a five year legal battle. He wanted legal clarification around who had the right to use the wheelchair space on the UK’s bus network, and after other legal rulings on the case the Supreme Court gave a final judgement. While the court ruling seemed fairly clear, the world of

Personal Assistants: how to be a personnel person

People who require social care to assist them with how they wish to live have had the options of employing their own personal assistants for many years. It is an option which can be liberating for many people, providing them with a level of independence and security other options do not. There are two points that I think are important

Order, Order! Order a Lift!

Somebody pushed the irrepressible Martin Kelly over the edge when they asked him to do jury service in a building that lacks the access features necessary for that to be possible, and may even be unlawful. We hope you enjoy this righteous rant as much as we did! Dear Sir/Madam Juror Number – ######### I find myself contacting you AGAIN

Q&A with Penny Mordaunt

Our Q&A with Penny Mordaunt, Minister of State for Disabled People, Health and Work posed tough questions. We were dismayed to receive these answers. How would you sum up your first few months in the role? What are your hopes for the next few months? I’ve been able to meet with a huge range of people and hear about the

We received a response from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists!

Remember Sam Heaton’s letter to the Royal College of Ophthalmologists asking that they routinely inform people about Charles Bonnet Syndrome? We received this reply: Hi @DUnitedUK, and thanks for your letter, CBS is an important issue. Please see a feature page sent to all members in Spring College News. Image description: A section of a page from a newsletter. The

Assistance Dogs Have a Legal Right to Enter a Shop

A recent survey by Guide Dogs has shown that almost half (49%) of guide dog owners surveyed have experienced an access refusal in the last year. As an assistance dog owner, this has also happened to me on numerous occasions. In the majority of cases I just explain to the service provider, be it a shop or restaurant, that my

Value Our Custom, All £249 Billion of It

The Government has announced plans aimed at tackling the inaccessibility on the high street for disabled people. They are recruiting business champions for key sectors in business to promote and increase inclusivity. Back in December, at the height of the Christmas shopping rush, BBC Newsbeat asked disabled people to survey the accessibility of the high street at what is one

Don’t Mess With a Disabled Commuter

Being a commuter is never easy or enjoyable, but when you’re a wheelchair user and the train has no wheelchair space, it adds insult to injury. I commuted from Cambridge to London for three yeas while I was doing my law degree and I cannot tell you how many times I was forced to sit in the vestibule because there

Cornwall’s Disability History

Dr Theo Blackmore tells us about why he investigated Cornwall’s history from the perspective of disabled people, and what he found in those interviews. In 2014 I completed a video project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to collect the stories of disabled people living in Cornwall as part of the “Cornwall’s Disability History” project. I interviewed 22 people in